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Integrated Mechanical
Design Services

BBIPPL Design and Engineering is a mechanical engineering company at our foundation. We provide engineering consulting services to support businesses and individuals.

Our team consists of skilled engineers that are highly trained in the latest 3D CAD software and are Solid Works specialists. We are constantly evaluating new technology and software tools to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible, that our work is the highest quality, and timely delivery to our clients. We can also help you arrange manufacturing of your product at any scale, large or small volumes.

We offer following services:
  • 2D to 3D Conversion, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Digital Mock-up (DMU), Digital Prototyping and Assembly (DPA), Virtualization and Simulation (Virtual Reality), Manufacturing Engineering (CAM), Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping (Rapid Prototyping, Engineering Prototyping)
  • Manufacturing (Precision Manufacturing, Finishing Processes)
Integrated Mechanical

Integrated Embedded
Design Services

Smaller, faster and smarter - these words define the embedded software development. With rapid technology advancements hardware is getting smaller and faster. Software has to rapidly adapt to deliver more and more innovative, secure and reliable solutions based on state of the art hardware. In order to keep pace with the technology advancements and changing business needs, new solutions need to have minimal time-to-market and existing solutions need to be migrated within short timelines. This necessitates the need for a partner who has extensive embedded software development experience of evolving new solutions as well as migration and support of existing ones. At BBIPPL. We have the right embedded technology expertise of developing and testing high quality solutions in short development / migration cycles which enables our clients to get the best ROI.

Embedded Technology is at the heart of these intelligent products and BBIPPL helps these product manufacturers to address their ever-increasing needs in this space. BBIPPL has extensive experience in Embedded Systems that span across various industry segments. We are at the forefront of the technology arena and help our customers to overcome all technology challenges.

BBIPPL offers a line of embedded software development services for a wide range of target platforms and operating systems. We provide embedded product design and development services. We specialize in x86, ARM, MIPS, DSPs, Cold Fire. Our service caters in the areas of surveillance, telecommunications, numeric processing, high speed control and instrumentation, graphics and image processing and digital signal processing (DSP) solutions.

Integrated Mechanical


Brick and Byte provides world-class Technical Publication & Technical Illustration services to the Aerospace and other Industries.

With a highly skilled, talent pool of technical authors, illustrators, data analysts, and parts documentation specialists, Brick and Bytes offers comprehensive Technical Publications Services to support engineering and manufacturing organizations.

Brick and Bytes offers the expertise to address every aspect of your technical publications process, from authoring and delivery of all types of manuals or service bulletins, to development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals and publications (IETMs/ IETPs). We can also use your CAD data to extract figures and definitions to keep costs down and renderings accurate.

Being a premier service provider for Aerospace and other domains, we specialize in supporting tech pub requirements by complying with various standards like ATA100, ATA iSpec2200, S1000D, ASD STE (Simplified Technical English) and ATA 104 etc.

Brick and Bytes offer a broad range of services to support the entire technical content management lifecycle. Our technical publication services help you optimize resources, mitigate costs and enhance productivity.

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