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Brand promotion and contract manufacturing


This customer had a well-established chain of restaurants but wanted to further differentiate its beverage offering by incorporating their own marketing into their program. After working with the customer to determine whom it perceived to be its competition in the marketplace, our Marketing Department developed a benchmarking analysis which aided them in determining that a “Private Label” tea offering is what they needed to enhance their trademark tea. Through our understanding of consumer and market trends and through our deep industry experience, we were able to make actionable recommendations on Branding, Products, and Equipment solutions that would further help them build and differentiate Their Brand in Their Markets. We then supported these recommendations through our professional hands-on Delivery and Service.


This customer launched their own “private label” tea program to great success. Enhanced marketing led to increased sales at each location. Furthermore, they then piggybacked this effort to begin selling their tea product in retail offerings at the counter of each restaurant further enforcing their brand and delighting their customers.


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