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What is IoT? How it is Beneficial for your business

What is IoT? How it is Beneficial for your business

IoT (internet of things) is a connection or connecting various objects, devices without any human interaction or interference with the help of network connection on the internet. It could be on a small as well as on large scale. IoT has been evolving for 3 decades now with the introduction of embedding various technologies with IoT. It has become a prominent part of today's society as IoT has contributed to automation.

The concept of IoT is divided into two core features-

  • Automation

    The goal behind automation is communication between devices, objects, and hardware without the need for human interference.

  • Connectivity

    The connection between devices on one network and sharing of information on a worldwide scope enables easy information access from anywhere in the world.

    With respect to the core features mentioned above. IoT must contain various technologies for seamless data transfer, analysis and data sharing.

Let's go through a few advantages for your business:-

  • Improves productivity and reduces human workforce

    IoT Is essentially beneficial when it comes to avoiding the need for human involvement in mundane tasks. So, human resources can be directed towards more complex tasks where creativity and problem solving requires.

  • Effective management of operations

    Another effective benefit of IoT is connectivity across smart devices which enables automotive control over different areas of operation and tracking of them. inventory management, shipping of goods and products and their tracking could be done using RIFD tags.

  • Improved use of resources and assets

    With IoT interconnected devices and sensors are placed across operational areas. It makes it easy to keep the consumption of resources at a minimum while fulfilling the need in production or the areas where resources are required. For eg- With motion sensors or water level sensors you can keep track of movement and water level for tanks and avoid overconsumption and overflow of resources.

  • Keeps your budget in check

    IoT helps in ensuring the reduction of downtime. Because of automated and scheduled controlled maintenance, the supply of raw materials for production, which could result in a higher productivity rate and bigger profit. IoT devices are installed across different departments over the entire enterprise structure.

  • Improves working environment

    IoT can greatly contribute to ensuring the safety of workers, personnel, machinery by constantly doing scheduled maintenance checks and keeping equipment in top-notch condition. Cameras, motion sensors, and infrared sensors could help in avoiding potential thefts and corporate espionage. Which can positively reflect on an enterprise image in the eyes of investors, stakeholders, and competitors.

    From the abovementioned benefits. Your business or enterprise can benefit from IoT. As we at brick and byte specialize in the latest tools and technology in IoT. You can contact us for any IoT solutions and our team of expert engineers will be at your disposal.

You can check our services page to know further about IoT and contact us for any queries.


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