Brick and Byte helps customers to design wireless communication solutions using Vizmonet radio modules product range focused on OFDM wireless technology. We design and manufacture carrier class customized embedded radio modules for easy integration into OEM systems. The spectrum covered is from 200 Mhz to 7 GHz. The solutions help OEMs in shortening their time to market eliminating the need to develop wireless and RF technology skillset.

Industry Focus

Our solutions can be used in niche application areas, such as, Broadband Wireless Access, Vehicle to Vehicle communication, Industrial communication, Internet Of Things, Smart Grid and Military communication.

Wireless Eco System

We design and manufacture high performance radio engines which form critical elements of OEM equipment.

The Solution Advantages
  • Truly Customized Solutions
    • Tailored made solutions
  • High Performance TX Characteristics
    • Higher TX Power +30 dBm
    • Better Linearity & Lowest EVM & hence ensure errorless data transmission at highest data rate
    • Lower Power Consumption
  • High Performance RX Characteristics
    • Best RX Sensitivity that enables errorless decoding of weakest signals
    • Lower Noise floor (-100 dBm) & hence higher SNR
    • Best in class Interference desensitization that enables trouble free operation at heavily RF crowded environment
  • High Performance Radio design Capability
    • Carrier class, Stringent Performance metrics and Enduring design