Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world leader in Integrated Advanced Engineering Solutions and Services and earn our customer’s condence through continuous improvement driven by innovation, advance technology and team work.

Our mission is to provide solutions and services to our clients in achieving their business goals through innovative technical ideas and integrating various technologies in the field of Engineering Services, Precision Manufacturing, Embedded Systems, Technical Publications, Information Technology and the Energy Sector.

Our Practices

Quality Policies

We are in the business of providing innovative products, solutions and services for customer stated , implied and technological needs. At Brick and Byte, Management and employees are committed to secure long term partnership with each customer and we ensure “First Time and Every Time Right “ in all processes.

We do this by involvement of all employees at all levels, continual improvement in products, processes and achieving or exceeding customer satisfaction. We wish to be preferred supplier of products ,solutions and service that we oer. We ensure that our products, solutions and services provide complete satisfaction to our customers by meeting or exceeding the mutually agreed requirements and expectations consistently.


Through our Delivery Model, Oshore Software Development Centers ensure on time on budget deliveries, signicant cost advantage, shortened lead times, strong management expertise, high quality standards, access to diversely skilled professionals, short development cycles, location advantage, onsite projects, osite projects and oshore projects.

With our Engagement Model, we include Time and Material (TM), Fixed Price (FP), Risk and Reward Sharing and Build Operate Transfer.

Our Agile Development involves an incremental and iterative process that inspects and adapts.


ISO 9001 certified quality procedures for design engineering
Lean manufacturing process for contract manufacturing
Six sigma systems for manufacturing
SEI – CMM I-L3 for our software house
TQM Approach