BBIPPL has developed range of mobile solutions in various domains. These include products developed for other companies and gaming solutions. The products include Mobistream – stock data on mobile, mGovernance – providing SMS service, Mobile magazine, mobile learning and so on.


QR Code based commerce application which integrates the features of Social Networking, Google Adwords, Paypal etc.

• QR code based commerce application
• Combines the features of Social Marketing, Google Adwords, Paypal, e-Bay/ Amazon
• Other QR-code features like v-card, q-sms, q-text, q-call etc
• Scan ‘n buy commerce for the end customers
• Targeted advertisement campaigns (based on geolocation, demographic profile and customer preferences) for the merchants with an exotic multi-media storefront
• Socially networked platform that lets the users “like”, “comment”, “share” and “tweet” about the products/ deal ads of the merchants that makes their campaign go viral and gets them the bang for the marketing buck


• Involved engagement with the customer for more than 10 mins that is not possible in any other media
• The brands can be promoted in the defined banner pages along with the ticket when the game is on
• The brand and its attributes can be further reinforced with ads / quizzes during the breaks
• There is motivation for the customers to engage with the brand consciously and in an involved manner
• Creates positive impressions about the brand or any of the offers from the brand


A bandwidth optimized live streaming quotes on mobile with the option to view tick-by-tick streaming and historical charts, get SMS based alerts, customizable portfolio screens, detailed news and online buying/selling of shares

• Live Streaming quotes
• Customizable “My Screens”
• Headline / Detailed News
• Streaming tick by tick charts
• Historical Charts
• Alerts – including SMS alerts
• Most bandwidth efficient technology
• Elegant GUI replicating desktop experience
• SEBI regulation compliant, secure trading engine

Mobile Sudoku

Mobile Sudoku generates puzzles on mobile or downloads from remote server. Has options of selecting themes, recording best time, hint etc.

• Options for generating new puzzle on mobile itself or download a new puzzle from server
• Records best time
• Theme selection
• Help mode
• View solution