BBIPPL Design and Engineering is a mechanical engineering company at our foundation. We provide engineering consulting services to support businesses and individuals.

Our main areas of specialization

Mechanical Engineering
• Industrial Design
• Drawing and Drafting Services
• Product Design and Development

Our team consists of skilled engineers that are highly trained in the latest 3D CAD software and are Solid Works specialists. We are constantly evaluating new technology and software tools to ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible, that our work is the highest quality, and timely delivery to our clients.

We can also help you arrange manufacturing of your product at any scale, large or small volumes.

We offer following services:

  • 2D to 3D Conversion, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Digital Mock-up (DMU), Digital Prototyping and Assembly (DPA), Virtualization and Simulation (Virtual Reality), Manufacturing Engineering (CAM), Product Data Management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping (Rapid Prototyping, Engineering Prototyping)
  • Manufacturing (Precision Manufacturing, Finishing Processes)
Product Design

In the field of Mechanical Engineering Services, we believe that the “Time-to-Market” is the key to mantra for all OEMs. Trends in current IT technologies also keeping this as focus area and provide solutions. At BBIPPL, we are concentrating to offer the following service offerings in Product Design and keep focusing to equip our professionals as per the trend and industry needs as well. Our Engineers are having experience in various modern software packages including CATIA, Pro/E, Solidworks, AutoCAD and many more.

• New Product Development – Analytic Studies, Evaluation
• 3D Modeling
• Model Based Definition (MBD)
• 2D and Detail Design
• Digital Prototyping Assembly (DPA) / Digital Mock Up (DMU)
• Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)

Computer Aided Engineering

For faster business decisions during any product design Computer Aided Analysis and its methodologies and processes are taking their place as a vital role in Product Development. We have hands on experience in MSC Nastran, Altair Hypermesh, NX Femap, Ansys, Adams and Star-CCM+ etc. We have capabilities to perform the following analyses and also expand its offerings.

• Structural – Linear, Non-Linear Analysis
• Hand calculations and Design Validation
• Pre-Post Processing and Stress Notes, Documentation
• Multi-Body Simulations – Kinematics, Dynamics
• Product Sizing and optimization
• Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) studies
• Fatigue, Durability Analysis
• Computational Fluid Dynamics – 1D Flow, Steady State, Transient Analysis
• Process Flow Capture and automation of repetitive tasks.

Design Automation

BBIPPL believes Design Automation and reducing human interaction is the key to add value to our services. We always emphasize to improve productivity and perform all repetitive and time consuming tasks by implementing macros, tools, utilities and batch jobs, thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (API) of respective software packages and open source libraries. These are implemented as per our customer requirements and BBIPPL shall follow SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases and keeping future customer’s future roadmap in mind. The following are typical Design Automation areas but not limited to,

• Automating the creation of complex features
• Automate to create Design Reports, Bill of Materials (BOM), Drawings, and Manufacturing Instructions / Notes etc.
• Improving product quality by performing design rule verification based on inputs from an external Knowledge Based System or Rule Engine.

Reverse Engineering

In order to reduce time to Market and to deduce design decisions at early stages of product development, all OEMs and product suppliers apply reverse engineering techniques. Creation and Collection of cloud of points from existing physical parts, Design Optimization through existing product model, Material characterizations and re-material analysis and recommendations are few areas BBIPPL involved currently.

Digital Manufacturing

Thanks to the advent of technologies and software packages, simulating Machining Processes and Manufacturing sequence are a key function in which all OEMs and Product Development Tier1, Tier2 companies are following. This brings very quick business decisions and avoids very costly rework efforts and delays in product development life cycle. There are popular software packages available in the market and BBIPPL has experience in taking up IT support on Digital Manufacturing areas.

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM plays a vital role in discrete product development / manufacturing sector and through this OEMs can manage its products from concept to delivery and even the after sales market. Software companies propagate managing products from cradle-to-graveyard through its software solutions. Recently, the retail market has also taken PLM as a vehicle to manage its various and dynamic product requirements and managements. BBIPPL has expertise in popular PLM packages like Teamcenter, Enovia and Windchill.

Simulation Lifecycle Management

Similar to PLM, currently OEMs and software solutions developers are bringing this concept in order to manage Virtual Simulation related functions like Finite Element Analysis and its different versions of results and design optimization status in correlation with CAD design maturity. Where PLM once addressed only CAD data, resulted in disconnect between Design Maturity and its corresponding Analysis data and caused hefty rework costs and delay in product development, this is no longer the case.