We provide solution for Channel Management for Retail developed by our partner.

It allows to easily launch & manage multiple, complex incentive schemes for sales force and distribution channels.

  • Automate complex computations, eliminate errors in payouts.
  • Provide real-time information and analysis on targets, achievements and incentives to sales staff as well as their managers.
  • Reduce time taken for completing incentive payout cycles – improve sales force and channel satisfaction.
  • Improve control and visibility of incentive spend.
  • Reduces errors in payment of sales incentives and leakages arising from manual / spreadsheet based processing and lack of controls.
  • Reduces time spent by sales staff on incentive payout follow-ups, shadow-accounting and clarifications
  • Improves Bottom Line
  • Improves Top Line Gives Visibility of Sales Performance & Incentives
  • Analyses Effectiveness of Incentive Programs
  • Faster & Accurate Payouts motivating Sales Force