We integrate various systems such as CCTV Surveillance, Fire Alarm & Fire Supression, Access Control, Public Address, Data-Voice Solutions, Electrical Systems (LV/MV), Utility & Process Control, Audio-Visual solutions, Air-Conditioning etc. We provide these for any kind of Commercial & Institutional premises including hotels, hospitals, malls, office complexes, schools, airports or a residential complex with our expertise in integration solutions.

Also all these systems can be integrated into the Building Management System and even controlled from a central enterprise command centre.

These solutions enable businesses & premises owners to improve productivity and realize significant savings through better management of their facilities.


Building Automation - Intelligent Building Management System

Intelligent Building Management Systems (iBMS) are centralized, interlinked, networks of hardware and software, which monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. While managing various building systems, the automation system ensures the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.

Building Management System Controls:

• Chillers
• Boilers
• Air Handling Units (AHUs)
• Roof-top Units (RTUs)
• Fan Coil Units (FCUs)
• Heat Pump Units (HPUs)
• Variable Air Volume boxes (VAVs)
• Lighting control
• Power monitoring
• Close circuit video (CCTV)
• Card and keypad access
• Fire alarm system
• Public Address system
• Elevators/escalators
• Plumbing and water monitoring

Benefits of iBMS

Save Energy Cost
Reduced Operation Cost
Reduced down Time
Increased Productivity
Increased Efficiency
Safer & Secure for Occupants

Home Automation

Home Automation enables the automatic control of commonly used elements in a manner that is personalized to the needs of each family… all with the touch of just one button.

Save your time and effort by having your home automatically do routine functions such as watering your grass or turning off all lights, setting the thermostat to economy mode and arming the security system when you retire for the night

Enjoy home theatre time by having the lights dim, curtains close, TV and DVD player turn on.

Save energy by assigning your home the responsibility of regulating the operation of lights, water heater, HVAC system, entertainment components, appliances and irrigation system so these devices are on only when needed.

The benefits of an automated home are only limited by your imagination.

Industrial Automation

Competitive pressures across industries are forcing operational excellence, increased productivity and regulatory compliance, optimal asset utilization, reduction in downtime and safety related incidents. This demands intelligence from field devices and analysis of collected data which is displayed in multi-screen environments.

BBIPPL provides state-of-the-art automated solutions for the automotive, medical, computer and electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and other industries. Our experience and expertise in designing, developing and building high-quality, cost-effective automated solutions can provide you with a competitive advantage.

Automation helps you compete better by allowing you to increase productivity, flexibility and quality. By automating repetitive manual tasks, your workers can perform more specialized tasks, providing you with better productivity and, in some cases, opportunities to expand your product offering. Automation also helps reduce or eliminate human error, which in turn reduces the cost of error recovery and increases the overall quality of your product.


Audio Visual Solutions

Effective communications is an integral part of the success of any business.

BBIPPL is an established company engaged in executing projects on turnkey basis for works related to professional Audio and Visual systems integrations. Our highly trained staff, our commitment to performing thorough needs analysis and our proven methodologies that stem from years of audio visual integration experience helps us provide the right Audio Video integration Solution. We provide solutions that are easy to use and allow you to focus on the business at hand without being distracted by the technology.

Our Solutions

• Video Conferencing
• Projectors
• Interactive Presentation System
• Video Wall, DLP / LCD / LED DISPLAYS
• Audio Conferencing
• AVSI/Boardroom Integrations
• Digital Signage
• E-Classroom Solutions

DATA Communication

Today, it’s important more than ever before to make sure that your network infrastructure is reliable, versatile and future-proof. At BBIPPL, we provide you with the broadest range of network infrastructures that are customized to suit your needs and provide a migration path for future integration plans.

Our Services

• Structured Cabling Systems
• Network Consultancy and Audits.
• Data Centre Solutions
• WLAN Solutions

Voice Communication

We provide solutions for all kind of Voice communication to address the needs for a small enterprise as well as a large scale enterprise. We have alliances with the industry leaders to provide an optimum and futuristic solution for your business. Our team of expert’s customizes the solution according to your needs to fully utilize the potential and features available.

Our Service

Key Telephone System
PBX/Hybrid IP telephone system
VOIP Systems

Public Address System

Public Address (PA) Systems play a vital role in crisis management and co-coordinating response actions during an emergency situation. This is more so if the crisis occurs in a public place, crowded areas, markets, railway stations, offices, hotels etc. The central control room staff can use PA systems effectively for conveying instructions on emergency and evacuation procedures that need to be followed. They are important for crowd management and aid in directing people to safety.

PA systems can also be used for addressing entire workforce/ visitors simultaneously or for delivering centralized piped background music or for any other purpose.

Components of a typical PA system are:
• Microphone with Zone Selector
• Amplifiers, Routers, Controllers
• Background Music System (BGM)
• Loudspeakers – Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Horn type, etc.


CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance now lies at the heart of almost all electronic security systems.

With a proven track record in delivering CCTV solutions across all different industry sectors, whether you are upgrading your existing CCTV solution or starting from new, BBIPPL offers a complete end-to-end solution including system design, product specification, video management, storage systems, remote monitoring and system integration.

Our one-stop service includes:
• System appraisals with detailed reporting
• Offering vendor neutral advice
• CCTV Specification, design and implementation
• CCTV Integration and migration using the latest technology
• 24/7 support and maintenance

Access Control

In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent, we provide different access control and Identification systems to meet modern security needs. We provide market leading products including; electronic and biometric access control systems, time-and-attendance and personnel scheduling systems. Our systems are reliable, robust, easy to install & require minimum maintenance.

Our Solutions include:

Visitor Management System - track the entry, exit and movement of visitors within an organization’s premises

Electronic Access Control System - Digital Keypads, Biometrics, Smartcards, Proximity Cards etc.

Physical Access Control - Boom Barrier, Road Blocker, Bollard, Turnstile, Tyre Killer etc.

• Configuration from Standalone to multi-door applications
• User Friendly software with detailed attendance
• Access control features like Anti-pass back Time Zones.
• Highly secure, very convenient and reliable at a competitive price

Additional Services include:
• GPS Tracker Plus RFID – Locate Person as well as Vehicle
• Intruder Alarm system – Prevent Unwarranted Access to Premises

Fire & Life Safety

We provide a host of Fire Prevention, Detection & Suppression solutions integrating the right equipments with apt technologies to secure your people, assets and premises.

At the first sign of danger, our reliable fire detection systems trigger a coordinated alarm, people are led out of the danger area via voice messages, and extinguishing systems are activated.

Fire Alarm System
• Conventional
• Addressable
• VESDA: Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus

Fire Suppression System
• Sprinkler System
• Water Spray System
• Foam System
• FM 200 System
• Inert Gas System / Argonite System
• CO2 System
• Dry Chemical Powder System

Electrical Engineering

As a commercial, industrial and institutional electrical contractor and engineering firm, BBIPPL's team includes electricians, engineers, designers, CADD operators, estimators, project managers, technicians and support staff, making us the one-stop electrical contractor for your electrical system development.

We can provide a design and construct service that is tailored to each clients needs. We ensure that all clients are given the personal attention to ensure that each electrical project is completed to exact specifications.

On each project a team of qualified electricians working with experienced management will take control and handle all unforeseen problems with minimum hassle to our clients.

Our team of competent electrical tradesmen (electricians) has worked on a variety of industrial sites including medical, biotechnological, factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants. They are familiar with all security, safety and other procedures for working in and around construction sites, sensitive areas, biochemical hazards, machinery and manufacturing plants. We respect and uphold these important procedures at all times.

Our dedicated estimators strive to get the lowest price without compromising your high standard of quality. They work to understand your needs so not even the smallest detail is overlooked.

Comfort & Life Style

Heat Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Air-conditioning is not just about cooling air...

Air-conditioning deals with simultaneous control of Temperature, Humidity, Air purity & Air movement in the right proportion, depending upon the situation / segment requirements.

We design the optimal solution for our clients, which delivers the most comfortable & healthy air-conditioned environment and also provide huge savings on the running cost.

Utility Control

Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Electricity, Gas, Water

The effective management of electricity, natural gas and water depends on delivery and usage optimization.

Optimized delivery and usage are enabled by system monitoring, timely collection and data application. Smart grid and smart distribution system technologies provide the intelligence utilities need for efficient and reliable delivery of service. Access to granular usage data encourages more efficient consumption by customers, and meter assets can be right-sized to ensure accurate measurement.

With BBIPPL’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, you can propel your operations to the next level and deliver the service—and value—your customers demand.

We provide next-generation, intelligent metering products and services to help customers as well as Utility Companies in better management of resources.

• Eliminates Manual meter reading
• Billing Accuracy Improvement
• Flexible Billing Cycle
• Time based rate options to customers
• Faster restoration & Shorter outages
• Easier energy theft detection
• Reduced equipment maintenance cost
• Reduced support expenses
• Improved utility asset management

Delivery Approach

We provide Enterprise Integration Services on Turn Key Project basis.

Benefits of Turn Key Approach

1. Less work for you: Why deal with multiple service providers in the planning, engineering and installation of your project. The Enterprise Integration Team of BBIPPL offers turnkey solutions that enable our specialists to communicate seamlessly on your behalf. We can manage day-to-day questions, issues and coordination – which means far less work for you.

2. Minimise risk of communication glitches: Why accept risk of miscommunication between multiple service providers? The Enterprise Integration Team of BBIPPL is in direct communication throughout every step of your project. Plus, our process of review and supervision will shield you from issues arising out of miscommunication.

3. Save time & Save money: Our team of specialists work together in coherence to dramatically reduce project completion time. Your project is up and running faster.

4. Long-term savings through reliability: Customers who access the benefits of our turnkey approach receive a well-conceived and implemented project, which in turn results in grater long-term reliability. Our team of specialists leverage years of experience and knowledge to create a solution that will run efficiently for years.

5. Top-quality work at a fair price: When you partner with The Enterprise Integration Team of BBIPPL for a turnkey solution, you can be rest assured that you hired an experienced team that will get the job done right the first time.