Who We Are

Brick & Byte is a premier Indian multi-national company with more than two decades expertise of experience in providing Integrated Advance Engineering Services & Solutions.

Our Integrated Engineering Services (Concept to Manufacturing) include Integrated Engineering Services (Concept to Manufacturing) in Embedded and Mechanical Engineering domainsmechanical designing, manufacturing, embedded designing and electronic manufacturing.

IT Services including Software Applications, Mobile Applications and SAP custom web application development, mobile development, SAP implementation, product management, UI/UE designing, cloud computing, etc.. We support offshore as well as onsite development model.

Manufacturing services including sheet metal fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, Precision Manufacturing and Finishing Processes. It covers operations like CNC punching, bending, assembling, fabrication, powder coating, etc.

Renewable Energy services includes EPC for setting up Solar plants, Solar thermal applications, rural electrification and Solar system for water pumps.

Our Solutions & Products include Transport & Toll products, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, and Smart Metering solutions.

Project Highlights
  • Smart Grid Cluster - AMI in Raipur

    Micro Grid Implementation

    An Advanced Metering Infrastructure pilot project was implemented at CSEB, with the successful installation of a set of single and three phase smart energy meters with Zigbee communication and demonstrated features of AMI.

    Some of the key features include:

    • Remote control of meters, energy and load
    • Revenue Protection, Energy Audit and Accounting
    • Alarm Management for Meter events
    • Online/SMS payment integration
    • Data/Readings management and Analytics
  • Passive Infrastructure Remote Management System for Telecom Towers

    Global Tower Limited

    The system introduced has been very useful to GTL. It helps them to get automatic meter readings, reduce manpower and monitor the site remotely 24x7.

    Some of the valuable features include:

    • Interfaces for AC/DC energy meters, Cameras and system with user defined reports
    • Remote access and control of system including Battery Bank, Alarms, fuel and Diesel generator
    • Checks for voltage, charge status, humidity and temperature
    • Tracks assets and physical access to them with RFID tags and camera images
  • Control your Air Conditioner through your Phone

    Voltas - EG Cool Project

    This innovation by BB enables consumers to operate their air conditioners no matter where they are. The EG-Cool IR device works with a normal SIM card and with a certain code sent by SMS or Web-based application, the device can be coordinated to cool your room before you reach it.

    Features of the system include:

    • Dual Band GSM Modem with Internal Antenna allowing for power status replies to mobile users
    • Microcontroller based Electronics system
    • 12VDC/2A operating voltage with Reverse Polarity and Spike Protection
    • Also successfully integrated with Electrolux, Godrej, Blue Star and Carrier
  • Micro Grid implementation for Rural Electrification

    Amber Infracon & Energy India Pvt. Ltd

    BBIPPL supplied and installed a complete Remote Terminal Unit system. The system featured a GSM Modem, Solar Charge controller and Relay board. These controlled the power distribution of 9 watts to each house which had a 240W solar panel and 150AH battery. 9W power is delivered for 8 hours every day and is controlled remotely by sending an SMS to the RTU. The system was implemented at Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh where the power grid was not available.

  • LFR based Solar Thermal Power/Steam Generation

    Solar Thermal Plant

    Solar Thermal Energy (STE) is a technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat). The initial thrust of development was producing steam at high temperatures and pressures suitable for electrical power generation. On achieving this, special designs were developed for steam generation that is compatible to solar cooling mechanisms. Our systems are matched to produce heat energy for Vapour Absorption Machine (VAM) units, the technology for which utilizes Lithium Bromide solution.

Client Testimonials
  • Brick & Byte Development Center team has been assisting us in developing various systems for our internal corporate use since April 01. We found them sharp and intelligent in handling issues related to projects, meeting deadlines and our experience with Prescient is very good.

    -Clifford Torres

    VP Information Technology

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  • We mainly appreciate BB Development Center’s approach, aiming to high and independent quality development of BSC products in all areas of Software Development. Prescient continuously expands internal teams to assure internal BSC Products know-how base, improves process used in BSC Precsient cooperation.

    -Filip Zeman

    Development Department Manager

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  • We would like to congratulate BB Development Center for their hard work and successful implementation of systems (Retail Automation and CRM) meeting to our strict deadlines. Key areas of their excellence are exibility, responsiveness, process control and technical competency. We strongly recommend Prescient for sound technology consulting.

    -Patrick Berthon

    President Directeur General

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  • Your company has been supplying sheet metal components, cabinets and assemblies for our various end products from last three years successfully. In view of your good performance, your company has been awarded preferred supplier for our Division: Emerson Network

    Power India

    -Emerson VP

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  • Brick and Byte has succesfully developed remote data center management solution which was executed by us for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

    -Sudeep Sonwadekar

    Pyramid Technologies

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  • Brick and Byte has successfully developed Energy Monitoring & Control Systems. We con rm the performance of technology, products and system is exceptional. We found BBIPPL as best in class, professional and exible technology solutions company.

    -Vishal Agarwal


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